Salmon Magic card - 736k jpg

To download, right click on the image, hit 'save picture as'.

Please print the card in colour, using the fine resolution setting,
on white, letter-size paper – cardstock, ideally.
Fold in half carefully, and voila, it's ready.


The text reads:

"Wild Pacific salmon are not just important to British Columbia, they ARE this coast, land, and its people in so many ways.

"Since the introduction to these waters of fish farms and Atlantic salmon-trout (yes, they're trout, not salmon), by 92% Norwegian-owned and run interests, our wild, indigenous salmon have been declining rapidly in overall numbers, with some runs and races suffering vast losses and inevitable extirpation.

"Wild salmon start their lives in fast-running streams. Their parents die and donate the rich nutrients of their bodies to aquatic and land ecosystems. Their hatched young eat the bugs and other life that Mom and Dad hosted and fed.

"This ultimate sacrifice breaks the disease cycle between old and young, allowing the cleansing streams and nature's great renewal to ensure that the babies make it to the sea free of parasites, deadly micro-organisms, and viral cancers.

"All of the salmon we eat should have such beautiful, holy beginnings. Please, buy only wild salmon, fresh in season, else frozen or otherwise preserved. With every bite, savour the magic of this most touching, precious, and wisest of nature's gifts."


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