Salt Spring Island GREENWISE: Tsawout First Nation reserve land and geographic names

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The names in black are SENCOTEN (Sen-chaw'-then), the language of the four Saanich First Nations. The Tsawout (like "stay out", with a 'Ts') are one of these. They own the only reserve on Salt Spring, 17.2 hectares facing Fulford Harbour. Tsawout families owned and stewarded the resources, including seasonal and permanent dwellings, for the southern 2/3s of Salt Spring. They gave other First Nations permission to harvest and camp in their territory, through negotiated agreements or marriage privileges.
The Tsawout people now number about 760. None live on Salt Spring at present. Their home village is Saanichton, on the Saanich peninsula.

The names in red are in Hul'qumi'num, the language of eight First Nations who live a little north of the Saanich First Nations. SENCOTEN and Hul'qumi'num are related Coast Salish languages, but words and pronunciation differ enough to make clear, complete comprehension difficult for those not fluent in both.

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