Salt Spring Island GREENWISE: Base Map

This contour map shows elevation, peaks, lakes, streams, roads, and road names.
© Brenda Guiled

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Road names, listed alphabetically, with map coordinates:

Acheson Rd D-3
Acland Rd E-3
Agar Rd D-3
Akerman Rd F-4
Alders Av F-4
Aldous Rd inset
Amblewood Dr J-8
Andrew Pl I-8
Anna's Dr L-5
Arbutus Pl E-3
Arbutus Rd A-1
Arletta Pl E-3
Armand Way H-4
Arnell Way G-5
Atkins Rd inset
Baker Rd E-3
Barker's Pl G-5
Bay Ridge Pl K-8
Bay View Rd D-2
Beachside Dr E-5
Beaver Point Rd I-6, I-7, J-6, J-8
Becky Way I-6
Beddis Rd F-5, G-5, H-6, H-7
Belvedere Dr L-5
Benton Pl F-2
Bill's Ln B-2
Bittancourt Rd F-4
Blackburn Rd G-4, G-5
Blain Rd inset
Bonnet Ave F-4
Booth Rd E-3
Bradbury Rd D-3
Bradley Rd D-2
Bridgman Rd J-8, J-7, K-7
Brinkworthy Pl E-4
Broadwell Rd C-2, D-2
Brookwood Rd J-8
Bulman Rd I-7
Bullock Creek Rd E-5
Burgoyne Bay Rd I-4
Byron Rd B-2
Cairns Rd E-4
Canal Rd E-3
Canvasback Pl C-2
Caprice Hts H-5
Carlin Rd F-4
Castillou Way B-2
Castle Cross Rd G-5
Cedar Ln E-4
Central Av F-5, F-6
Channel Ridge Dr D-2
Charlesworth Rd F-4
Chilton Rd L-5
Chock Rd F-4
Chu-An Dr D-2
Churchill Rd E-4
Clarinda Rd K-7
Clipper Rd F-5
Collins Rd E-2, F-2
Corbett Rd inset
Cormorant Cres D-2
Cottonwood Rd G-5
Cranberry Rd G-3, G-4
Crane Rd F-4
Creekside Dr H-7
Crofton Rd inset
Cross Rd F-4
Cudmore Rd F-4
Cusheon Lake Rd G-5, G-6, H-6
Cusheon Pl H-7
David Cres F-4
Dean Rd inset
Deer Park Rd D-4
Delia Cres F-4
Dellcliffe Rd C-1
Demitri Way I-7, I-8
Desiree Dr F-2
Desmond Cres inset
Devine Dr F-4
Dodds Rd C-3
Dogwood Ln A-1
Dogwood Rd A-1
Don Ore Rd F-4, G-4
Douglas Rd F-4, F-5
Dover Pl E-4
Drake Rd F-4, inset
Dubois Rd L-6, L-6
Duck Creek Dr D-2
Dukes Rd H-5
Dupuis Rd L-6
Dylan Pl J-7
Eagle Ridge Dr E-5
Elizabeth Dr D-2
Ensilwood Rd C-3
Epron Rd B-2, C-2
Fairlyview Rd E-3
Fairway Cres C-3
Fairway Dr C-3
Farm Court D-2
Fer-de-Lance Rd C-3
Fernwood Rd B-3, C-3
Fishermans Ln F-7
Forest Hill Pl E-4
Forest Ridge Rd J-8, K-8
Fort St D-4
Fraser Rd K-7
Frazier Rd H-4
Fruitvale Rd F-5
Fulford-Ganges Rd F-4, G-5, H-5, H-4, I-4, J-5, J-6
Furness Rd I-4
Ganges Rd F-5
Garner Rd H-5
Gelrich Rd F-5. G-5
Goodall Rd K-8
Goodrich Rd D-2
Graham Dr E-2, E-3
Gransview Pl D-1, D-2
Grantville Rd D-4
Grier Pl B-2
Hamilton-Home Way K-5, K-6
Hammond Rd B-1
Harbour Side Pl E-5
Harrison Av E-3
Head St D-4
Hedger Rd C-3
Heidi Pl K-8
Hereford Av inset
High Hill Rd E-3
Highwood Pl E-4
Hillcrest Dr J-7
Hillgrove Rd D-4
Hilltop Rd J-6
Hillview Pl H-7
Holmes Rd L-6, L-7
Hope Hill Rd K-2
Horel Rd H-5, H-6
Howell Ln inset
Humphreys Hill D-2
Inglin Rd G-5
Isabella Pt Rd J-6, K-6, L-6
Isle View Dr G-5
Jacalan Dr E-3
Jackson Av inset
Jasper Rd H-6, I-6
Jenkins Rd E-2
Jennifer Way I-6
Jones Rd J-5
Juniper Pl E-3
Kanata Rd inset
Kangro Rd E-4
Kilner Rd F-4
King Rd J-8
Kingfisher Ln E-6
Kings Ln inset
Kitchen Rd H-5
Kitchener Rd G-6
Knott Rd F-4
Lakefair Dr D-2, D-3
Lakeview Cres inset
Lanley Rd D-2
Langs Rd C-2,C-3
Last Rd D-2
Lautman Dr H-6
Lawn Hill Dr D-3
Layard Rd E-3
Lee Ann Rd F-4
Lee Road I-4
Leisure Ln inset
LePage Rd C-3, C-4
Leslee Dr E-4
Liberty Hall Ln G-4
Lionell Cres H-7
Little Mountain Rd F-6
Long Harbour Rd E-4, E-5, F-5
Lord Mike's Rd H-6
Lower Ganges Rd E-4, E-3, inset
McAllister Pl D-4
McGill Rd B-1
McGoldrick Pl E-4
McLennan Dr J-8
McPhillips AvI inset
Madrona Rd E-5
Main St D-4
Maliview Dr C-3
Mansell Rd E-4, E-5
Manson Rd inset
Maple Ridge Pl D-2
Maracaibo Ln E-6
Margaret Rd D-2
Margoline Dr B-2
Mariko Pl B-2
Marina Cres F-7
Mariner's Ln F-7
Maxham Rd L-6
Maxwell Rd G-3, H-3
Maycock Rd C-3
Meadow Dr L-6
Meadow Ln D-2
Menhinick Dr K-7
Mereside Rd I-5
Merganser Pl D-2
Meyer Rd I-7, I-8
Miles Av H-7
Mobrae Av D-3
Monteith Dr D-2
Morningside Rd J-6
Mount Baker Cres F-4
Mount Belcher Hts F-4
Mt Erskine Dr F-2
Mt Maxwell Rd G-3, H-3, H-4
Mt Tuam Rd L-6
Mountain Park Dr C-1, D-1
Mountain Rd L-6
Moutain View Dr C-1, D-1
Murrelet Pl D-2
Musgrave Pl K-3
Musgrave Rd K-2 to K-6
Natalie Ln H-6
North Beach Rd B-2, B-3
North End Rd A-1, A-2, B-2, C-3, D-3, E-3
N.E. Rd I-7
North View Dr A-2
Norton Rd E-4
Nose Point Rd E-5, E-6
Oakspring Rd E-5
Old Divide Rd G-5
Old Scott Rd F-5, F-6
Old Smith Rd L-3
Ontario Ln E-6
Orchard Av J-6
Ouellette Rd E-5
Oystercatacher Pl D-2
Pallot Way F-3
Park Dr inset
Parminter Rd C-1
Patella Rd D-4
Perdue Rd F-4
Peregrine Way E-5
Pine Pl E-3
Price Rd G-5
Primrose Ln C-3
Pringle Farm Rd B-1
Purdy Rd F-5
Purvis Rd inset
Quail Cres D-2
Quarry Dr D-2, E-2
Quebec Dr E-5, F-5
Quebec Ln E-5, E-6
Rainbow Rd E-2,
Rainforest Rd E-6, inset
Reginal Hill Rd J-6, K-6, K-7
Reid Rd F-4
Reynolds Rd I-7, J-7
Richard Flack Rd C-2,
Robinson Rd D-4, E-4
Roland Rd K-6, L-7
Ross Rd D-4
Rourke Rd G-5, G-6
Russell Rd E-5
Saltspring Way G-5
Saltair Ln I-6
Samson Rd B-3
Samuel Cres H-7
Sandpiper Pl C-2, D-2
Sarah Way I-6
Scarff Ln E-4
Scott Pt Dr F-6, F-7
Scott Rd aka Long Harbour Rd
Scotton Pl D-2
Seabright Rd K-7
Seaview Av inset
Seclusion Rd E-6
Seymour Hts H-4
Sharp Rd E-3
Shepherd Hills Rd G-3
Short Rd K-5
Simson Rd B-1
Singer Rd G-6
Sir Echos Way C-1
Sky Valley Rd G-5, H-6
Smith Rd K-3
Sollitt Rd F-4
Southbank Dr C-3
South Ridge Rd J-6
South Rd J-7
Southey Pt Rd A-1, A-2
Stark's Rd D-3, D-4
Stevens Rd K-8
Stewart Rd H-6, I-6, I-7
Stonecutter Way D-2, E-2
Suffolk Rd D-3
Suneagle Dr B-2
Sunnyside Dr J-6
Sunset Dr A-1, B-1, C-1, D-2
Swan Pt Rd E-3
Swanson Rd inset
Tahouney Rd J-6
Tantramar Dr D-2
Teal Pl D-2
Terminus St F-6
Tern Rd D-2
Thomas Rd E-4, E-5
Toynbee Rd F-3
Trincomali Hts C-3, D-3
Tripp Rd D-3
Twinflower Rd D-4, E-5
Uplands Rd E-3
Upper Ganges Rd E-3, E-4
Valhalla Rd inset
Vesuvius Bay Rd D-2, D-3
Victoria St D-4
Village Terr inset
Walker's Hook Rd B-3, C-3, C-4, D-4
Webster Dr J-7
Welbury Dr F-6
West Eagle Dr B-1, B-2
Westcott Rd B-3, C-3
Weston View Rd I-7
Whims Rd C-3
Wildwood Cres E-3
Wildwood Dr H-7
Wilkie Way F-3, F-4
Williams St E-5
Winteringham Rd B-1
Woodhall Pl inset
Woodland Dr D-2, D-3
Wright Rd G-3, G-4
Zabel Rd A-1
Zalit Rd E-5
Zander Rd F-5

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