Salt Spring Island GREENWISE: Trails and Corridors

This information comes from
Salt Spring Island Parks & Recreation Commission (PARC)
and Charles Kahn's Book, Hiking the Gulf Islands.

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listed from north to south

1. Jack Foster Corridor
2. Spence Hill Drive Corridor
3. Sun Eagle Linear Park
4. Gladys Pringle Linear Park
5. Sir Echo's Linear Park
6. Channel Ridge trails
7. Trincomali Heights trails
8. Dunbabin Park
9. Duck Creek Park
10. Bullock Lake Linear Park #1
11. Quarry Drive Park Reserve
12. Quarry Drive-Baker Road Linear Park Reserve
13. Baker-Harrison Trail Corridor
14. Ganges Urban Trail Network
15. Juniper Road Corridor
16. Rainbow Grove Phase I Park Reserve
17. Rainbow Grove Phase II Park Reserve
18. Spring Gold Way Park Reserve
19. Mt. Erskine Upper Access Park Reserve
20. Mt. Erskine Trails
21. Mt. Erskine Drive Linear Park Reserve
22. Welbury Bay Park
23. Wilkie Way Park Reserve
24. Cudmore Heights Park Reserve
25. Cranberry Road Corridor
26. Blackburn Road Park Reserve
27. Armand Way Corridor
28. Baynes Peak Trails
29. Mt. Maxwell Ecological Reserve Trails
30. Andreas Vogt Nature Reserve Trails
31. Stewart Road Linear Park
32. Peter Arnell Park
33. Meyer Road Linear Park
34. Bulman Road Park Reserve
35. Ruckle Park trails
36. Lyonesse Linear Park
37. Reginald Hill Park Reserve
38. Bruce Peak trails
39. Hope Hill trails
40. Fern Creek Park Reserve
41. Isabella Point Road Park Reserve
42. Cyril Cunningham Nature Reserve

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