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Which community?
To many, the word means only people.
In reality, our community is the whole connected planet,
with every ecosystem making life
and livelihoods possible for us
and all beings.

Community is created and built;
a lively, growing, evolving richness,
existing and flourishing by dint of countless inputs,
many of these by volunteers

(all-volunteers in nature).

This page is about the volunteering I presently do
to create and strengthen community,
human and wild,
in my neighbourhood and region.

As a board member and chair of Island Pathways, I volunteer many hours throughout the year to inprove active, multi-modal transportation on Salt Spring Island and throughout the Salish Sea region. I'm also chair of our Bicycle Working Group, working to get a bikeway through Salt Spring Island, to connect with a world-class, inter-regional network of cycling, walking, hiking trails. I started and run the two following blogs

Island Pathways main website
Island Pathways blog
Bicycle Working Group blog

I created and occasionally update theSalt Spring Greenwise website, to showcase all places, things, activities, and businesses green on island.

The karate-do, the karate way, I teach is non-profit, to help everyone in class – me, too – hone skills for avoiding and solving conflicts while sourcing a sure-fire tap to harmony and joy through body-mind-spirit unity.

Husband and I are protecting and enhancing an orphaned patch of Garry oak eco-system surrounding our home, a vestige of the rarest tree eco-system in Canada. He's fenced two acres to keep out deer and is planting and encouraging all sorts of rare native plants – greenery and wildflowers – to thrive here again. I remove the larger invasives, while dreaming of the place becoming a Garry oak tour and education centre, when we and it are ready for this commitment.

Community includes family
current and past.

To honour kin who've past and are out of touch, I offer these family webpages. I'm the family memory-keeper, in that I have a trove of records and notes, plus a good recollection (yet!) of family connections and stories. A larger family history is in the making, using the marvels of computer and internet resources, a long, slow process while I'm still in the thick of life, with so much else to do.

Guild Forebears
Grandma & Grandad
Mom & Dad
Our Son Will
Old Cousin Mae