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Kids make the world go 'round, and a world that's good for children will be a good world. We all need to work on this, helping to raise them together. It's the best, sure-fire way to ensure that we leave wherever we've lived better than we found it.

* * * "To raise your kids right, you have to raise the neighbourhood." * * *

This creed goes beyond "It takes a village", because it's active – proactive. "Raising the neighbourhood" means being there and doing right for all kids, our own and others.

I learned it from my mom, passed on from her mother, likely stretching back generations. I practiced it. My child-rearing years were rich with kids, kids, kids, running Grand Central Station for them in every season. I did freelance work, in part so our household had the flex-time to manage this. I gave up a lot of sleep, career opportunities, and income, but kids are worth it.

For 15+ years now, I've been teaching the karate-way to local youngsters. Hundreds have attended classes and learned important life-skills. The older ones who've left home for school, travel, and work come to visit sometimes. These splendid young adults share how our karate learnings have served well independence, health, inner strength, and peace. Same for me!

Cheers for all the parents and neighbourhood adults living this vital creed. You rock, and you're rocking the world through it.

Kid's Books

Sockeye Salmon Odyssey

The story of sockeye salmon of British Columbia through their lifecycle and travels.
  • for parents, grandparents, other kin, babysitters, and teachers to read with children age 6 - 12.
  • an illustrated natural history covering science, arts, vocabulary, numbers, graphs, maps, and more
  • for active reading, with questions to ask, answers to fill in, pages to colour and add detail
  • jam-packed into 58 pages total, to save paper and trees, using Forest Stewardship Council certified paper
to read sample pages and/or purchase, click here

Christmas Island

A great Christmas Eve book for kids. A brightly illustrated story an elf named Finn, who knew Santa since he was a boy. He tells amazing stories to 8-year-old Penny on a lonely Christmas Eve. She's in a strange house with only a babysitter, waiting for cousin Matt to fly home after getting lost on Christmas Island. He's got amazing stories to tell, too, about his Christmas Island adventure.
available in e-book; click here or on cover

Winter of the Shifting Stars

A year in the life of a 10-year-old Lakota-Sioux girl, set in 1833, year of a massive meteor shower.

Illustrated with photo art created from photographs of Lakota/Dakota/Nakota life in the 1800s.

available in e-book; click here or on cover

More in the Works

The Fate of the Oyster Rhymer

and two other poems about sea-critters


cover to come

Ghost Dancers

A year in the life of a 10-year-old Pomo (northern California) girl in the 1800s, who learns from her grandmother many vital skills and the meaning of the Ghost Dance, which she will dance for the beloved old woman when she's gone.